The Benefits of Speed Dating


Dating Acceptance

One of the ways organizers have made it more comfortable for speed daters to make their selections for a possible second date is to have a rating for each person. Those who met them during the session are given access, and they provide an opinion on each potential date they met. It is all well and good for those with excellent dating acceptance, but it can be depressing for those who find no one was really interested in them. While it might not feel good to discover that fact, it can help those who are seriously seeking a date to learn how to do it better.

First dates are generally awkward, but those attending a speed dating event will find they need to get past that quickly. They might stumble through the first one or two dates they have, but they should be able to find a rhythm that allows them to do well after that. Warming up on the first few will limit their awkwardness, and they might even find they have plenty to say once their session goes on.

For those who are seated and waiting for dates, it can be difficult to know how to break the ice. They might begin with a few biographical facts of their own, and then they can toss the ball to the date. If it is picked up, expanded on, and then tossed back, the date should go well for both of them. If their date chooses to keep the conversational ball the entire time, their rating might sink quite low.

It might appear that dating is more of a sport than a social activity, and it often feels that way to those unlucky enough to keep missing the target of finding someone just right for them. They might not appreciate the humiliation of being rated low on a speed dating site, but it could help them fix their issues and find their perfect match.