The Benefits of Speed Dating


Selected by a Speed Date

Winning is often seen as a positive attribute in most societies, so being selected by a speed date can be seen in that light. It is a measure of how well a person has impressed another, and they have won the chance to spend time with that person. Whether or not a relationship comes out of the date is unimportant, what might matter most is just the thought the potential dater has won.

For those who are truly looking for a partner in life, winning at the game of speed dating might not be their ultimate goal. They could see the person they selected as someone who places too much emphasis on winning, and they might come to regret their choice if it overwhelms the rest of their first date. They might be more focused on finding a person who is compatible, and being a good loser could also be an important component of how they view life.

When a person is selected by a speed date, it does not necessarily mean they have won a relationship. They have simply been given an opportunity to spend more time with the person, and it is up to them to work at winning them over for the long run. They must face the fact that ten minutes is a very short time to get to know another person, and preparing for their real first date should include being able to acknowledge no relationship will occur.

For many people in the modern world, winning at anything is a reason to celebrate. Speed dating is just another arena where they might find their emotions running high, but they should control their euphoria until they have had a chance to go out with the other person. It might be a disaster, but it might also be the beginning of a lifelong romance.