The Benefits of Speed Dating


Setting Dating Criteria

While there are plenty of matching services that claim they know what will make two people click, few of them are willing to reveal their knowledge. They often cite the fact they would be giving away their selling point, but the truth is that dating criteria is very different for each person. There are ways to help the process, but a lack of solid criteria in venues like speed dating can actually be a better way to meet someone new for a possible relationship.

It would appear that people in the same economic niche would do well as a couple, but not all singles are interested in how much money a potential partner makes. They would rather concentrate on whether or not they know how to have fun. Large differences in income are difficult for some to accept, but others are more willing to ignore it when they find someone who shares their own interests in life.

Finding someone with the same interests and hobbies might seem appealing to a single person who wants to get right into a relationship, but others find that being with someone that compatible can be a boring experience. They may not feel time pressure, and they are seeking someone who can provide them with a new view of life. Rather than seeking the same, they are looking for a mild but thoughtful adventure with someone else.

There seems to be no way to predict if two people will actually feel any attraction at all when they are introduced, but statistics can be helpful. For those who are ready to try matching services, speed dating offers a unique opportunity. There are fewer criteria to judge the other person, and the one sitting on the other side of the table could be more appealing than someone handpicked for complete compatibility.